Welcome to woodap.com

Posted by: woodap
Date: December 13, 2010 05:24pm
Under: General

This is the official website of Anthony P. Wood and is intended to profile and promote the author for academic and employment purposes.

This website is currently under construction.


Welcome to e107

Posted by: woodap
Date: December 10, 2010 02:03pm
Under: General

Welcome to your new website!
e107 has installed successfully and is now ready to accept content.

e107 Homepage: http://e107.org, you will find the FAQ and documentation here.
Forums: http://e107.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php
Plugin Developer Community: http://e107coders.org

Plugins: http://plugins.e107.org
Themes: http://themes.e107.org

Thank you for trying e107, we hope it fulfils your website needs.
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